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Feel free to browse and peruse. This section includes everything from fanfiction to original prose to poetry to visual art. Beware! The older the work, the poorer the quality. I confess that I used to be a very poor writer ^^'.

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Selfies at Diagon Alley. They're magical.

Greetings All! Welcome!

Things to know:
:bulletred: I am female
:bulletblue: I am an adult, but, you needn't know my exact age ;)
:bulletred: I LOVE history
:bulletblue: I am prone to fangirl freakout moments
:bulletred: I'm a pastor's daughter who loves the Lord dearly
:bulletblue: I enjoy writing and occasionally drawing
:bulletred: Itachi Uchiha is my forever bae of all baes
:bulletblue: I like rock music. Nothing trashy, though
:bulletred: I have too many favorite cartoon characters, movies, and books to count so if asked about one of those, my answer will depend on whatever I'm doing at the time.

Anything else you'd like to know about me will probably be somewhere in my account. If not. Feel free to ask, I'll answer any questions that aren't overly personal ^^

:iconartisabangplz: :iconlstamp1plz::iconlstamp2plz: :iconulquiorrastamp1plz::iconulquiorrastamp2plz: :iconstampszyel1::iconstampszayel2:
:icongrimmjowstamp1plz::icongrimmjowstamp2plz: :iconsasoristamp1plz::iconsasoristamp2plz: :iconmarluxiastampplz:


  • Listening to: Hetalia character songs
  • Watching: Hetalia
  • Drinking: Chai Tea (it soothes everything)

Number your favorite Hetalia characters in no particular order, 1 through 10.

1) Sweden
2) America
3) Prussia
4) Germany
5) England
6) Russia
7) France
8) Spain
9) Canada
10) Finland

1. It's time for school and you're just about ready to go. Just then, someone knocks on your door so that you two can walk to the bus stop together. It's 5! How do you greet each other this fine morning?

I suppose he's being a perfect gentleman, as he is England. We probably exchange good mornings and he offers his arm and off we go.

2. Once you get to the bus stop you are tackled from behind in a tight glomp by 8. Is this a glomp that you shall return or no? it an innocent glomp or an 'i'm using this as an excuse to grab your boobs' glomp? I mean, I don't think Spain would do that, but...he is friends with Francis.

3. Finally, the freaking bus is here. Once you step on though, 2 drags you into the seat next to them so that 9 doesn't sit next to them. Do you have any idea what's going on up with those two?

Hmmm, America drags me over to sit next to him so that Canada doesn't...I'd assume that Alfred forgot about Mattie's existence...again, and doesn't even realize what he's doing.

4. The bus ride to school was… "interesting" but you're glad to finally be at school. How look, 3 is by you're locker waiting for you! You have to get your books for class, so is this good or bad?

That depends on how 'awesome' Prussia's feeling. If he's just being friendly, we won't have issues, but if he's trying to dump his overblown ego on me, not so much.

5. With your books in hand, you make your way over to your usual meeting place to see your friends before class. 1, 4 and 10 are already waiting for you. Is this an interesting table?

Yeah... why is Germany sitting with Finland and Sweden? I mean...I guess they get along fine, but I didn't see that one coming.

6. Bell rang, friend-time is over! It's time for first period, which you have with 3. Hooray?

Sweet! Assuming the class is boring, I'm assuming we have a lot of fun amusing ourselves and Gilbert does a good job being 'awesome' without being called out by the teacher...or he just doesn't care.

7. 6 and you have been paired up for some kind of science project. You have to take both of your features and put them together to create a pretend-baby. What does this beautiful creature look like?

That's frightening on a number of levels. One, I'm afraid he might get ideas about 'becoming one with Mother Russia' Two, I'm wary of that smile... This child will be very tall, with silvery curls, violet eyes, and a sweet smile.

8. LUNCH TIME!…. Um… 1 just gave you some home made sweets that they made in culinary. They're blushing an awful lot. Eat gladly, force a smile and take them, or awkwardly shuffle away from this scene?

I'd take them with a thank you and a smile. Sweden's a pretty sweet guy. As for the blushing...I probably wouldn't notice (I'm told I'm oblivious when it comes to guys. Mostly because I can't see why a guy would ever want to flirt with me or like me....this makes my friends mad for some reason...)

9. It's about time for a potty break isn't it? It's not good for you to hold it in all day, you know. So you're walking to the bathroom when you see 4 and 7 viciously making out. Whoa…

Germany and France...? I'm assuming that France somehow got the jump on Germany and is lip-raping him. I assist Germany in fending him off.

10. So yeah, like, school is almost over but before you can get to seventh period, you see 10 crying. You go and ask what happened to them and they say that they failed their last period test. How are you going to make them feel better?

I'd give him a hug. Finland's sweet enough to like hugs, I think.

11. School's over! Oh hey, 2 is selling cupcakes for some random club fundraiser. You have a few bucks in your pocket, want to go buy some?

Sure! I'll trust America to not do anything weird to them (he's my country after all.)

12. After that, you got on your bus, you rode the bus home, and got off… Is 7 following you?

What the actual heck? I certainly hope not. If France is following me, I might actually call Russia as backup.

13. After you get home, 9 calls so that you two can do homework together. Accept request?

Sure! I'll do homework with Canada!

14. After doing some group homework, 5 calls you to share some super juicy gossip about 1 and 10. What is it?

Woah, there. England gossips? I'm assuming there's a new development in Finland and Sweden's strange relationship...

15. It's late now, and 8 wont stop messaging you. Wwwhhhyyy?

I'm assuming he can't sleep and is being overly friendly. He is Spain after all.

16. Bed time has come and you are all snuggly under your covers. You hear taps at your window, you pull up the shades and see 6 outside your window with a boom box over their head with the music blasting some romantically cheesy song. Aww, they're confessing their love for you! How do you react?

Um....*smiles* th-thanks. Th-that's sweet, Russia. U-um...*trying to figure out how to friendzone him without dying*

17. After the confession of love you step away from the window to go back to bed. You suddenly hear rustling coming from your closet… You slowly creep over to open it and you see… 4 trying on one of your shirts… Um, what even is this?

I'm assuming Germany is did he fit in my closet? He's not exactly a small guy...

18. After dealing with the person in your closet, you finally go to bed. You are exhausted and cant wait to go to bed. Then your phone rings. WILL YOU EVER GET TOO SLEEP? You begrudgingly answer it and it turns out to be 2 bitching about something. Ugh, it's so late… How do you react?

I will listen, sleepily, and tell him to sleep on it and call back in the morning.

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